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Dumb Phisher Of The Week Award

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on December 15, 2005

Phishing mail in my spam trap, headed “2006 Barclays Security Update.”. So far so good. (Hint to phishers, I don’t bank with Barclays, so any mail like that is going to be ignored. The social engineering skills of these mass mailers, pah. In my day…)

Anyway, the message went on to read:

Dear customers:

Wells Fargo is proud to announce about their end of the year Upgrade. We updated our new SSL servers to give our customers a better, fast and secure online banking service as soon as the new year begins, (2006).

Due to the recent update of the servers, you are requested to please update your account info at the following link.

[phishing links deleted, even though I know none of my readers would click on them – but it’s not worth giving the scum even one drip of my meagre Googlejuice]

Thank you,

Wells Fargo – Online Banking

Hmm. Since when did Barclays become part of Wells Fargo?

Note to phishers: when editing someone else’s phishing mail, edit more than the headers and the URIs. Or at least get some understanding of the international banking market…



4 Responses to 'Dumb Phisher Of The Week Award'

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  1. andrewducker said,

    It’s like getting one with a subject line of “Hey $USER, remember me?”

    Part of me wants to hit them a big stick for sending me spam, and part of me wants to hit them with a big stick for being unable to use their software properly…

  2. srallen said,

    Sorry about that. I bank with Wells Fargo and I was expecting that e-mail. Someone must’ve gotten confused at my end.

  3. autopope said,

    $head->desk(“hard”) || kill $SPAMMER;

    My inbound spam tsunami is now regularly topping 500 per 24 hours.

  4. ala_too said,

    That’s a pretty common one. I’ve seen it and a number of others with minor variants numerous times. More amazing thing is that some people fall for this.

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