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Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on December 13, 2005

Transcendence looks fun – a cross between Elite and Asteroids, with upgradable spacecraft, economics and trade, relatively simple controls, and an interesting back story.

Just watch out for the really big ships

And it’s free…


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  1. fleetfootmike said,

    and it’s windows only.

    I hate you, Bisson 🙂

  2. sbisson said,

    But in a good way?

  3. syllopsium said,

    Privateer Remake and Privateer Gemini Gold are other options.. (and multiplatform)

  4. ramtops said,

    and Windows only – can’t you please mention this in your post?

  5. thunderbox said,

    Definitely a good way.

    Now please hold still while we pile this kindling around your feet…

  6. ciphergoth said,

    Free but not open source, sadly. And that’s not a big ship. A big ship is one that smaller ships can have a dogfight inside.

  7. mdlbear said,

    Read “Golden the ship was, Oh! Oh! Oh!” by Cordwainer Smith before you try to talk about “really big ships.”

  8. the_gardener said,

    Having read the Captain’s Primer, it comes across as sounding very much like a game called Privateer 2: The Darkening (which, just to be confusing, seems largely unrelated to the original Wing Commander: Privateer games), which I played fairly obsessively in 1997-1998. Does the apparent ubiquity of this model of game — single ship combat, trade opportunities, space pirates, escort missions, bits of smuggling if you fancy your chances against the intestellar police, und so weiter — demonstrate the difficulty of coming up with any other single-player scenario? Or that no one has the imagination to invent anything else?!!?

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