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And now, the waiting begins…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on December 9, 2005

Play has despatched my copy of Serenity


Seeing as I managed to miss it in the cinema due to deadlines and travel…


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  1. vampwillow said,

    goes to look to see when Regino 2 available …

    Amazon states February 27, 2006 (£13.99 on pre-order)

    hmmmn …

  2. ffutures said,

    Think I’m going to wait for R2 on that one – maybe by then I’ll have a really big-screen TV, if they come down as much as I expect after Christmas, it’d be a great film to christen it with.

  3. whumpdotcom said,

    Uh? Mine’s not suppose to ship from until 20 December.

  4. stevegreen said,

    Do you know if – like the special edition of King Kong – the R1 version is superior to the R2?

  5. ccomley said,

    Gotta treat coming.

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