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Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on November 29, 2005

A. B.

Two attempts at a night time view of Tower Bridge using a Casio Exilim EX Z4. The only difference (apart from where I was standing) is the white balance – one is set for natural light, the other is set for tungsten lighting. I’m not saying which until we get past this little poll, and to the other side of a cut tag…

A is natural light, B is using the settings for tungsten lighting.

Of course you can guess which is which based on my previous posting…


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  1. lamentables said,

    And some of us knew which was which from our own experiments with white balance 🙂

  2. ajshepherd said,

    Picture A is ‘warmer’, and I prefer the way that looks.
    One nice thing about shooting in RAW mode on my DSLR is that there is a utility which lets me modify colour balance etc after the fact, so I can try how a picture looks with different settings. Quite nifty. I must post something on LJ about it later.

  3. ciphergoth said,

    I can’t answer your poll, because I like them both for different reasons…

  4. davesslave said,

    I just like the golden color of the first one. But they both have their merits.

  5. etriganuk said,

    Concur with the previous commenters – I like them both, for different reasons.

  6. moral_vacuum said,


  7. janetmiles said,

    I like them both, and which one I like “best” would depend on my mood. Picture A looks warm and welcoming, and Picture B looks austere and formal.

  8. pickledginger said,

    B seems clearer. The sepia-like tone of A is lovely … but one could achieve that with B and a little adjustment.

  9. stillcarl said,

    I liked them both, but chose B because I felt the black sky was more realistic.

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