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A horrible experience

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on November 29, 2005

I had a horrible experience yesterday. Too horrible to speak about. Far too horrible to even think about.

So I’m going to make you all read it.

Leaving a press round table at the Savoy I took a wrong turn, and very nearly gatecrashed a launch party for…

The Choirboys

[FX: runs away screaming]

At least they weren’t singing “Walking In The Air”…


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  1. srallen said,

    I was going to ask if they weren’t considered a violation of the Geneva Conventions, but then I realized that Celine Dion is still doing nightly shows in Vegas.

    But it makes me all the more glad that I no longer work at PBS. The horror…

  2. megadog said,

    That’s just buttock-clenchingly wrong™.

  3. ajshepherd said,

    God, I saw a poster for them.
    It’s like a boy-band aimed at Catholic priests!

  4. moral_vacuum said,

    They’re definitely surplice to requirements…

  5. pouchedfox said,

    it could be worse…
    what was the name of that choir where the boys were all castrated so their voices wouldn’t break as they went through the normal age of puberty?

  6. stevegreen said,

    About thirteen years back, I was staying in a Manchester hotel for a film festival. Walked into the foyer to find myself surrounded by pre-teen girls, asking if I was with the management for some darned boy band who were also staying there during their three weeks of fame. I can’t even recall their title, now; wonder if the girls can, har har.

  7. stevegreen said,


  8. stevegreen said,

    Don’t be such a wimple. That’s a nasty habit of yours.

  9. stevegreen said,

    The Paedophile Broadcasting Service?

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