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Remember, remember the 31st of December…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on November 16, 2005

…as the good old Form E111 you needed to have if you were to get free medical treatment in Europe goes away.

If you travel to Europe you’ll need to apply for a European Health Insurance Card instead.

It’s easy enough to do – all you’ll need is your NI number – and you can do it online.


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  1. ramtops said,

    ah hah – thanks for the link. Applied online!

  2. devilgate said,

    Thanks for that. My E111 has been tucked into my passport for many years, and I sometimes wondered whether it still worked (but not enough to check).

    The new card allows me to include my kids, which I’m shocked to realise was something I hadn’t thought about at all, regarding European health care.

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