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End of the holiday…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on November 14, 2005

Originally uploaded by sbisson.

…and I’m sat on a WiFi hotspot at SFO, waiting from my plane back to London. is on her jet already, and I can see it taxiing out of its gate…

Here’s a picture of a bald eagle, somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula. We watched it swoop out of the low grey cloud, before perching on top of one of the ubiquitous North Western pine trees…

Back in the UK tomorrow morning.


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  1. elimloth said,

    Safe journey to you and MAry, Simon. I had a great time having you as guests. Here’s that photo I took of you two during dinner at Malay Satay Hut:

  2. vampwillow said,

    “waiting from my plane back to London … marypcb is on her jet already”

    YA[the royal family]AICM£5 !

    (actually though, in a job I had a few years’ back myself and two colleages needed to fly from a meeting in Miami to another in London and were ordered to fly by three different airlines …)

  3. marypcb said,

    I’m the Queen!

    nah, it’s just that my flight was part of a press trip and Simon’s was with who we have most air miles for 😉

  4. marypcb said,

    mmm – sultan honey giant shrimp and yam cake 😉 only the smallest reason why we want to come back soon!

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