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Damn Fine Waterfall…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on November 10, 2005

Damn Fine Coffee…
Originally uploaded by sbisson.

This trip’s obligatory media tie-in visit took us to Snoqualmie Falls, best known from the credits sequence of the excellent “Twin Peaks”.

No Julee Cruise soundtrack or cherry pie (however I’d eaten a damn fine cherry pie at the Wildberry Cafe just outside Mount Rainier National Park yesterday…).

Just remember: The Owls Are Not What They Seem.

With regards to media tie ins, points out “that whole Frasier thing”. Ooops. My bad.

“Goodnight and good mental health!”


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  1. whumpdotcom said,

    Remember, the Log Lady was just a front for a General Systems Vehicle.

  2. narenek said,

    The nearby Salish lodge does fantastic food IIRC

  3. ajshepherd said,

    Do they do damn fine coffee?

  4. rowanf said,

    I loved those falls! I’m told the natives there used to do special funerals by putting the important person’s body in a canoe and sending it over to the falls. It is a very sacred place. My friend got water from the base for the sacred waters of the world we use in interfaith.

  5. anonymous said,

    That water is less sacred than you think… I live upriver

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