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Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on November 8, 2005

Originally uploaded by sbisson.

So this is Seattle.

Dampness and sun in alternate moments, green woodlands fading into Autumn – the season of decay and change.

Take Gasworks Park, for example. A finger of green pointing across a lake at the high-rise city. But this is no ordinary green.

Instead of plants it is studded with plant: industrial decay become art, as the old gasworks slowly succumbs to time.


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  1. grey_lady said,

    I hope you’re getting some respite from the rain. When I was there last week it was very wet and windy … well, sorta like home, I guess.

  2. daveon said,

    Make sure you have a couple in the Elysium – 13th and Pike.

    Went there with you_know_who when she was covering something or other out there.

  3. srallen said,

    Welcome to Seattle. Thank you for bringing some sunshine.

  4. natalief said,

    these were taken in gassworks park in 1999. I especially like this one

  5. sbisson said,

    It was your photographs that made me want to go there!

  6. natalief said,

    Wow! Thank you! It is amazing what a snap taken on a murky day on a 1.3 Olympus Camedia (our first digital camera) can do! We did not get to go up the mountain like you two did – I love the photos of Mary and the birds! 😉

  7. marypcb said,

    we had nowhere near enough beer in Seattle. This means we have to go back 😉

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