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The next week or so…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on October 31, 2005

Things are a tad busy at the moment – no sooner do I finish the pile of work on my plate (at the last count that came to more than 8000 words, 60 or so screenshots and 2 working ASP.NET 2.0 web sites in less than 5 days) than have to take to the airport for her trip to San Diego/Boise/San Francisco/Seattle – then I get a rash of meetings in town this week (including lunch with the CEO of Adobe tomorrow) – followed by my next trip to the other side of the Pond.

I think I need to squeeze in updating the house server in there somewhere too…

So, US folk, I will be meeting up with the globetrotting in San Francisco on Thursday and Friday (bearing chocolates for ), before heading up the coast a bit for a few days in sunnyrainy Seattle. No real plans as yet for there – we have places we want to go and see, and we may wander onto the MS campus to go see the identity folk there at some point to follow up from our conversations at the PDC. I’ve booked a hire car so who knows what wil happen…

Back in the UK on the morning of the 14th.

Right. I have a PHP column to write before bed.


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  1. the_magician said,

    If you do wander into MS territory and find someone who qualifies for a staff discount on MS Office 2003 (and/or Access) would you mind asking if they could pick up a copy for me? Happy to pay for extra lattes and cupcakes for whoever is willing to help!

    Hope it’s not too cheeky to ask … I just want to have a legit copy of Office (without spending too much money!)

  2. sbisson said,

    Actually I think I have a spare copy here…

  3. the_magician said,

    Thank you very much, we can discuss it and you can tell me all about your perambulations next time you’re back in the UK for more than 30 seconds 🙂

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