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Need Java? Need it now?

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on October 31, 2005

And got a Blackberry? Then you want the Caffeine Finder. US only unfortunately, but it does have a database of over 45,000 coffee shops. It’ll even use the GPS chipset fitted in some new Blackberries…

I’ll be trying it out later in the week. I have the urge for a good latte and some cupcakes.


4 Responses to 'Need Java? Need it now?'

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  1. shadesong said,

    That’s brilliant.

  2. ajshepherd said,

    This is all very well, but it won’t tempt me until they have a CAMRA approved Beer Finder!

  3. bibliofile said,

    Can it be far behind? They’ve done all the coding; now they just need to slap in some data. (Okay, it’s not that simple, but still.)

  4. ccomley said,

    Only in america…

    coz in other countries, we know where to get coffee. I’m just back from france – doubt I was ever more than ten feet from a suitable supplier even when up in the mountains! 🙂

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