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Neat Electronic Stuff…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on October 29, 2005

…just not the way you might expect it.

How about an IDE cable belt, a naked CAT5 friendship bracelet, a capacitor necklace, or a MIDI plug keyring (male or female!).

I quite like the idea of the transistor ear studs


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  1. megadog said,

    How long before we find geeks identifying other similarly-oriented geeks by a 2N3055 hanging from their left ear?

    Me? as a RF-centered person I’m more likely to use an ear-attached 4X150A to self-identify.

  2. ffutures said,

    Not necessarily the sign of a geek; technopagans go in for this stuff too.

  3. sbisson said,

    And technopagans aren’t geeks?

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