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You Looking At Me?

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on October 27, 2005

Originally uploaded by sbisson.

Getting my Friday Cat Blogging in a little early with this shot of Bentham – taken while experimenting with Super Macro mode on a Fuji Finepix 9500.

Nice camera, and a cat that didn’t mind posing (unlike the rest of the mogs…).


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  1. bibliofile said,

    Spekaing of cat posing, have you ever seen the chapbook The art of Bunditsu? Subtitled The gentle art of cat arranging, Ursula K LeGuin (I think under a pseudonym) wrote and illustrated it. The poses run to a vase with two paws (at different angles) and a tail visible. Very entertaining.

  2. davesslave said,

    *heart melts*

    Cats certainly know how to work people!

  3. del_c said,

    If there were such a thing, wouldn’t it be called “nekobana”?

  4. seriouslypink said,

    What a beautiful absloutly precious cat! 🙂

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