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Scared now…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on October 21, 2005

…by the sight of the double umbrella in a catalogue that turned up in the post today…

How on earth does it fold up? And why do they look so embarrassed?

Catalogue opened and read by …


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  1. ladymoonray said,

    It’s a mutant! Eek!

  2. muninnhuginn said,

    The one on the right is Richard Gere–slumming it in a catalogue shoot–and she’s embarrassed to be caught sharing the brolly with him.

    You can see why they need it tho’: those tans are so going to run if they get caught in a shower.

  3. del_c said,

    I see how it folds up, and to be honest I think they’d be better off marketing it as an umbrella-for-one where it’s windy, with better coverage of the back or side where the wind is coming from, without loss of visibility in the other directions.

  4. seriouslypink said,

    hahah you find the best stuff 🙂

  5. moral_vacuum said,

    You really need to ask why they look so embarrassed?

  6. kevinwmoor said,

    Well tagged!

  7. ivory_goddess said,

    I foresee serious tug-of-war incidents in windy weather…

  8. bibliofile said,

    They look so embarrassed because they’re standing in front of a blue/green screen, perhaps?

  9. davesslave said,

    I was trying to figure out how it folded up, too. I have many geometric theories on that one!

  10. sethop said,

    Wouldn’t _you_ be embarassed if you were snoogling in the teleporter booth and your brollies got entwined at the quantum level on the way through? For that matter have you noticed how close they’re standing together? Maybe it wasn’t just the brollies.

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