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Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on October 21, 2005

Flock, a Firefox variant for working with blogs and social bookmarking services is now available as a developer preview. We heard a lot of buzz about it when we met up with the folks from various blog search companies in September.

Now to see if it meets the hype.

I’ve configured it to work with my main two blogs on two different services.

It’s relatively easy – as long as your blog host supports ATOM, and you know the URI of the ATOM API for your blog.

You can download a build here if you want to give it a spin.


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  1. nmg said,

    It’s an interesting piece of software, but I can’t help feeling that’s it has already been overhyped. The beta that’s been released has some nice features, albeit incomplete, but equivalent functionality for several of these has existed in the form of Firefox extensions for some time (the shelf, and the bookmark integration).

    In that respect, Flock is a cut down Firefox with certain extensions pre-installed and tidied up. I’d feel more confident if Flock had been marketed as a group of extensions rather than as a standalone browser; forking a new browser off an existing development means that Flock will always lag behind Firefox on bugfixes and new core functionality such as SVG, while the Flock functionality will not permeate into the Firefox user pool.

    It doesn’t yet work with LJ either…

  2. neilf said,

    I’ve been following this on TechCrunch and got the ‘here, have a play’ email last night.

    Does look good. Love the integration. Setting it up to work with my WordPress powered blog was a doddle.

    Will be playing some more over the next few days.

    – Neil.

  3. sbisson said,

    It does! That entry was posted from Flock!

    (It’s buggy on LJ Atom support though – it reports that it hasn’t posted, and you seems to need to post again before LJ accepts it – and Technorati tags get lost on the way too…)

  4. andrewducker said,

    Is it buggy, or is LJ?

    I’ll be trying it out over the weekend at some point. But it’ll have to be pretty darned impressive…

  5. neilf said,

    Umm… I’ve encountered an issue. Whilst the whole integration stuff is cool, not having seperate local bookmarks is a pain. I have whole host of stuff that I don’t want to clutter up with but I like to be able to open as a group in Firefox (a bunch of LJ stuff for example).

    So it has potential, but it’s not there yet.

    – Neil.

  6. sbisson said,

    As far as I can tell only starred bookmarks are uploaded.

  7. stevewpalmer said,

    I don’t get their business model. They’re VC funded so obviously they need to generate capital at some point, but I don’t understand how they plan to achieve that. It’s not a subscription service.

    Bart Decrem’s posting at tries to answer that question without actually answering the question.

    What am I missing?

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