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Today’s useful tool: XAMPP

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on October 15, 2005

XAMPP, from Apache Friends, An Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl stack for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Solaris.

I needed to get a working PHP install on my desktop here for an article I was writing, and spent several fruitless hours banging my head on configuration files for three or four different web servers from IIS to Apache to Xitami. It shouldn’t be that difficult – and I used to run an ISP back when we had do everything with a small shell script…

Then I found XAMPP, ran the installer, coded up a quick PHP “Hello World” (in another of today’s cool tools, the free PSPad editor), and everything just worked.

In less than five minutes…

It’s nice when that happens.


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  1. kevinwmoor said,

    You should have tried Sambar. It’s what I use for development. Configuring it to use PHP only require un-commenting one line.

  2. akicif said,

    Yup. XAMPP = Good. I’ve been using it for a while now. It’s especially nice that I can stick the entire directory tree on a USB memory card and and just plug it in to a punter’s machine….

    I’ve not had call to use them, but there’s Python and Tomcat for XAMPP as well (and something called Cocoon, too).

  3. akicif said,

    Ooh. That looks nice, especially as I’m having trouble with my usual proxy server (ccproxy doesn’t seem to want to let Outlook on another machine talk to the ISP’s smtp server), but …. they want money.

  4. kevinwmoor said,

    I have to admit I’ve used only used the web server part of Sambar. I’ve had no need to use any of the other functionality so I can’t vouch for it either way.

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