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Xbox 360 controller drivers for Windows XP…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on October 14, 2005

…have now been released.

So all you l33t g4m3r folks out there will be able to use the same m4d 5k1llz on both PC and console.

Looks like there are 64-bit drivers too…


3 Responses to 'Xbox 360 controller drivers for Windows XP…'

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  1. vampwillow said,

    typicall! MS manage to supply a 64-bit driver for something they’ve only just created yet can’t create 64-bit drivers for their own intellimouse or intellitype keyboards, despite having promised them ages ago.


  2. purplecthulhu said,

    And those of us who know how to use a mouse and a keyboard properly can kill them…

  3. andrewducker said,

    Depends on the game. I’ll take a gamepad for beat-em-ups and 3D platformers, and a keyboard for RTS and FPS games.

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