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Relative geography

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on October 9, 2005

So, do you know how high Mount Qomolangma is?

8,844.43 metres.

You may know it by another name: Mount Everest.


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  1. megadog said,

    Part of me first read the question as Mount Oompaloompa.

  2. pigeonhed said,

    I never knew that. I knew it is Mother Goddess Of The World or some such in Nepalese… and that it is either 29,002 feet or 29,028 feet depending on how old your reference book is.

  3. del_c said,

    I recognised it as a spelling variant of Chomolungma (if you read Kim Stanley Robinson’s Escape to Kathmandu, that may have been where you got the English translation from). I wrote and deleted a bad tempered comment to the effect “oh no, not more politically correct spelling! I just got used to the last round!”

  4. camies said,

    The trouble with trying to PC its name is that yes, it’s Chomolungma, or however you want to spell it, to the Tibetans, but it is on the border with Nepal and to the Nepalis it’s Sagarmatha. Which name would you use? Either is going to offend someone.

  5. stillcarl said,

    This high!

    / \
    _/ \
    / \
    / \_
    _/ \
    / \
    / \
    _/ \
    / \
    _/ \_
    / \
    / \

  6. del_c said,

    Different names don’t bother me, it’s the latest fashionable transliteration of the same name.

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