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“A Catwalk-thin Dalek”

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on October 7, 2005

The BT Tower is 40 this weekend.

We know how much it weighs, 13,000 tons, as well as the degree to which it is designed to sway, about 8 inches, in winds of up to 100mph. In winter the Tower contracts; in summer it expands by as much as nine inches.

Click here for a QuickTime VR panorama I made from photographs I took from the tower a few years ago. Be prepared for a wait – it’s a 5MB file made from 40 or so photographs taken from each window on the observation deck while it was stationary. As it was made from a set of 4 Mpixel images there’s quite a bit of zoom available too…

One of the photographs I used to make the 360° panorama.


4 Responses to '“A Catwalk-thin Dalek”'

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  1. nolley said,

  2. the_ogre said,

    Another shot of it:

  3. nolley said,

    … and it’s a pain in the arse to work in. It’s not very wide you see.

  4. anonymous said,

    Thanks for putting this online. Since the tower is no longer open to the public, this gives us a chance to see what we are missing by not being able to go up in the tower.

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