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Random Brothers Grimm Thought

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on September 6, 2005

“Blooming ‘eck – Matt Damon looks like Eddie Izzard…”


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  1. fba said,

    What – overweight and wearing clothes that are too tight and not very flattering?

  2. sbisson said,

    Yeah, that works.

    I think it was the chins…

  3. moral_vacuum said,

    Indeed – “total clothing rights” are fine within reason, but it should at least look good.

  4. fba said,

    He used to look really good – then he started wearing babydoll t-shirts and miniskirts and it all went a bit wrong…

  5. moral_vacuum said,

    When he wore really well-cut things, indeed – and he looked far better with eye make-up than without. But the fake breasts and miniskirts were definitely a turning point. It’s shame, but he seems to be falling into the old “suburban trannie” trap: they one of two ways – dress like a tart, or dress like their mum. Perhaps it’s a mid-life crisis?

  6. fba said,

    Grayson Perry I think is the classic example of this…

  7. moral_vacuum said,

    Grayson Perry looks like something from the denouement of a 1970s british horror movie.

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