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Team Laser Trip Wire

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 18, 2005

You’ve seen Catherine Zeta-Jones dance through them, now have your own set of laser trip wires for less than $30

Well, sort of.

Unfortunately these don’t really have lasers (that would be too cool), and instead use IR LEDs and detectors (which is why they call them lazer). So actually rather simple. In fact, I built one of those for my electronics O-level all those years ago… Perhaps you should just buy the bits from Maplin and make your own! You could even use a set of LED lasers rather than IR LEDs and have a real laser security array. Of course that would flatten AAA batteries rather quickly….

They still look nifty…

Use them to protect your desk so no one can steal your stapler, seal it in jelly and sell it on eBay

Or maybe just go watch an episode of Team Laser Explosion.


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  1. nerdware said,

    Oh yes. If I was still into designing and building hardware, I’d want to use ’em for a “IR harp”. Bernard Szajner (and JMJ) had the laser harp, but that’s so 80s!

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