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Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 17, 2005

Flickr is now exposing its “interestingness” ratings for your photos.

Interestingly, my most “interesting” image is not my most popular (though it is closely related to it)…


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  1. lamentables said,

    Based on my own photos, interesting = pix of cats, food or close-ups of everyday objects.

    Is the basis of this rating explained anywhere?

  2. srallen said,

    What’s more interesting has been the backlash against it. Every week I get at least two invites to “least interesting” groups. The discussions, too, have been hilarious.

    “It doesn’t bug me, it’s just a big popularity contest after all. Doesn’t bug me a bit!”
    Then why…?
    “I said it doesn’t bother me!!!”
    Yyyyeahok then

  3. marypcb said,

    no but I think it’s a perm of comments/ views / favourites

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