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Entering the jazz-anime continuum

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 16, 2005

iTunes has just been evil, playing me some of Joe Hisaishi’s music for “Spirited Away”, followed by some Pat Metheny. They fit together so well I missed the transition.

And now I want to hear Hisaishi and Metheny collaborating on the soundtrack to a Miyazaki film. That liquid guitar combines so well with those measured tones…


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  1. tanais said,

    iTunes is good like that — as is iPod on shuffle mode. I had John Lydon screaming “Burn Hollywood Burn” on LeftField’s Open Up followed by Lydon (again) with the Sex Pistols singingGod Save the Queen.

    Out of several hundred songs I find that a bit freaky… nearly tripped on the treadmill when that happened

    I wished my iPod Mini could blend songs together as well as iTunes tho’

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