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The Ultimate Case Mod Accessory…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 13, 2005

a hamster.

Perhaps this is and ‘s next machine…


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  1. brisingamen said,

    Um, assuming this is functional and not merely decorative, wouldn’t one end up with slightly cooked hamster, or is there also some remarkable cooling device I’ve not noticed?

  2. sbisson said,

    There’s actually a PVC pipe to connect the whole thing into a rotastack. And the hamster is in a completely different section from the rest of the PC – it’s more like putting a cage on top of a PC…

  3. vampwillow said,

    there’s a thought … a case mod to make an incubator for eggs or snakes … sensible use of the generated heat!

    hmmmn … :: thinks ::

  4. nmg said,

    It’s the smell I’d be most concerned about…

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