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YAUT<sup>*</sup>: Fog Creek Copilot

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 12, 2005

Developer tools company Fog Creek have produced a rather useful tool for those of us who have to occasionally fix other people’s computers. A web-initiated secure VNC session, routed through Fog Creek’s servers, Copilot allows you to work with someone’s computer simply by making a request at a website. Windows only at the moment, but the GPLed code is available if you want to port it to other platforms!

Yes, there is a fee, but at $9.95 it’s less than the cost of your time when trying to debug VNC or RDP connections through someone’s firewall…

*Yet Another Useful Tool – and this was an intern project too!


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  1. cobrabay said,

    You’ve got a broken link there, spurious “http://” in front of the URL, it should just read

  2. sbisson said,

    Fixed! And thanks!

  3. vampwillow said,

    :: reads page ::

    :: reads in section “The solution.”:“works … without having anything to install” ::

    :: notes steps 5 and 6 in following section … ::

    5 Download the Fog Creek Copilot program by saving it to your desktop.
    6 Run the program and wait for the other person to do the same.

    hmmmn. guess that’ll be that special new use of the word “install” then ;-P

  4. sbisson said,


    Hadn’t noticed that!

  5. vampwillow said,

    indeed. especially a problem in a corporate situation where users are often not permitted to install software themselves on a machine …

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