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Apple Immanentizes Eschaton!

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on August 2, 2005

They’re bringing out a four button mouse…

the Mighty Mouse.


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  1. ajshepherd said,

    Hopefully they’ll follow it with a bluetooth version.

  2. purplecthulhu said,

    Bugger – just after I bought a logitech laser mouse and a (single button) apple ‘tooth mouse too.

    Absolutely bloody typical! And its not that expensive either!

  3. snowking said,


    Intel hardware and a multi-button mouse. I’d say /. has nothing to whinge about now but I just read about the Trusted Computing thing.

  4. ajshepherd said,

    /. will always find something to whinge about!

  5. bohemiancoast said,

    my word.

  6. bibliofile said,


    But I want it to sing operatically, too!

  7. megadog said,

    Is that the sound of Hell-freezing-over I’m hearing?

    [how long before Apple do the decent thing and come out with a chording mouse in the spirit of the late-lamented Microwriter?]

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