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Coincidence or…?

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on July 27, 2005

Rumour has it that Microsoft will be putting out Beta 1 of Windows Vista today.

I just checked the beta programme site, and got a “currently down for maintenance” message. I wonder if they’re loading up the code drop as I type…

[Update: interestingly MSDN subscribers can get product keys already through the subscriber downloads site…]

[Update 2: more detailed rumours from Winbeta]


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  1. ffutures said,

    What will eventual end users need to make this work well? A minimum gig of RAM and 3 Ghz clock speed? Sell their souls to Bill Gates and sacrifice a goat on the CPU?

  2. marypcb said,

    a ‘modern’ CPU – any PC you can buy at the moment. 512MB RAM should do it well; not sure yet if 256 will be the lowest; 1GB will always be better anyway. To get the most you need a good graphics card with a Longhorn Display Driver Model (VDDM now I guess). PCs will start to have Vista Ready stickers this year.

  3. ffutures said,

    Not anything we’ll be able to afford at work any time soon then… we’ve only just got funds to put all of the PCs in my department up to 256 MB, which is a bit silly considering they’re running XP!

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