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Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on May 31, 2005

A Cardiff church has installed wireless broadband. The minister, Rev. Keith Kimber is quoted as saying that he hopes the hot-spot in the church’s north aisle will encourage more people to come into the city centre church.

“All we ask is that they respect the church environment and do not to use loud mobile ring tones or play music on their computers, especially when a service is in progress.”

I guess he’s been to an Apple Store recently…


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  1. elimloth said,

    I recall it is the city and surrounds of Cariff that have undertaken a project to provide WiFi for everyone. Project Arwain (to lead or to guide):

  2. tanais said,

    And GOD is TALKING to US my SON. HE is HANDSHAKING BUT we are NOT ACKnowledging HIS presence. CHECK that you are NOT configured FOR a DIFFERENT proxy SERVER a SERVER that is NOT THE FATHER’s for LUCIER* will put PACKET STORMS in thay way, he is a BOFH-almighty and ye shall spend an ETERNITY sitting in front of A BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH; REPENT NOW or St Peter’s GATE will be a FIREWALL and he will ISSUE you with a DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACK along with ALL THE HELLS THAT COME WITH MICROSOFT’S ORIGINAL IMPREMENTATION OF TCP/IP maythelordhavemercyonyoursoulblessedbetheadminthecronandthe802.11g

    (Please ensure suitable adaptations for penguins and happy-clappy macalytes have been passed by Torvalds and Jobs, although Larry(*) will do a good second-rate alternative if invited onto Oprah again).

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