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I see dead rockets

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on May 29, 2005

A rather fascinating photo essay covering the fallen hulks of rockets launched from Baikonur.

All space-bound rockets consist largely of fuel tanks and booster stages that fall back to earth when spent, never reaching orbit. In landlocked Baikonur, Russia’s primary launching complex in Kazakhstan, these spaceships crash to earth. This photo essay visits the areas where the supporting rockets land, and shows the people living under the flight paths who contend with flaming spaceship wrecks several times each month.

Rag and bone men scavenging the ruins of the space age – it’s another of those “we’re living in an SF novel” moments. Only now it’s more The Centurai Device than Neuromancer

[via Amygdala]


2 Responses to 'I see dead rockets'

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  1. profundo_rosso said,

    Fascinating stuff. Guess it’s lucky it’s a rural area, with housing spaced fairly widely apart.

    Not sure what the pic of all the cows signified, though. Had they all just jumped over the moon?

  2. sbisson said,

    I’d thought they might have died as a result of poisoning from a launch…

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