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More on Cliff’s copyright tirade…

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on December 31, 2004

has tracked down Cliff Richard’s submission to the EU, in which he asks for a 45 year extension to the existing 50 year copyrights on sound recordings…

However there is a possible gleam of hope, in section 11, in which he argues for assertion of moral rights if there are no copyright extensions. Perhaps he could be persuaded to re-license his recordings with an appropriate Creative Commons license


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  1. drplokta said,

    He calls it moral rights, but that’s not actually what he’s asking for, as it includes remuneration. It looks more like a compulsory licensing scheme.

  2. wendyg said,

    To be fair, I only knew about it because of a chance comment from Mary — and then I googled for it and found the testimony.


  3. wendyg said,

    *And* I forgot to use her line, which I meant to steal: “If it saves one top-40 artist…”


  4. ivory_goddess said,

    OK, probably asking for trouble here, but what’s wrong with not wanting to lose the copyright to something you created? If the creator is still alive, what’s wrong with the copyright being extended past the 50 year limit? Why shouldn’t the law be changed so copyright lasts 50 years OR the lifespan of the creator whichever is longer?

  5. devilgate said,

    Copyright lasts for the lifetime of the creator plus fifty years. Possibly plus seventy, now, though I’m not sure if that’s been enacted yet. I haven’t read the linked article, but I’d guess Cliff is asking for life plus ninety-five.

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