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Superfluous DIY Technology

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on December 28, 2004

We have just bought a laser level. Who needs a spirit level when you can just stick a laser to the wall?

(Well actually there are a pair of spirit levels built-in so you can be sure that your laser line is, err, level)


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  1. del_c said,

    I was gonna say!

  2. alexmc said,

    can you briefly explain how it works? I imagine that if you put a laser on a normal spirit level then it wont be any more accurate – just larger. Do you bang a nail in the wall and let it hang vertical with the laser coming out the sides?

  3. ffutures said,

    Was this in the Argos sale? Noticed they had one cheap, but they’d sold out at the branch I went to yesterday.

  4. ffutures said,

    If I have the idea right you shove it on a tripod or something then use the projected line instead of a pencil line.

  5. sbisson said,

    It’s a small device mounted on a swivel base with a cross pair of levels in the device body. You can stick it to the wall with the included super-blutac or mount it on a tripod…

  6. sbisson said,

    No, something we found at Homebase when looking for a new screwdriver…

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