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Shaping up for summer

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on July 30, 2004

Maybe not quite as drastic as , but I have cut off the ponytail and gone for a number two buzz cut up the back and on the sides…


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  1. alexmc said,

    I tried to get a hair cut yesterday but my barber is on his holidays. Doh.

  2. scarlatti said,

    Pictures! 🙂

  3. ramtops said,

    I cut ‘s hair!

  4. spride said,

    Why, why, why, Delilah?

  5. spride said,

    See, Henrik and I *told* you to get your bleedin’ hair cut.

  6. natalief said,

    /me contemplates a buzz undercut or dreadlocks or…

  7. lproven said,

    What She Said!

  8. sbisson said,

    Very close!

  9. sbisson said,

    How about a beer instead?

  10. moral_vacuum said,

    No more Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall? Shame….

  11. lproven said,

    Free for the beer festival? Planning visits tomorrow and Friday. I think Friday’d be better.

  12. sbisson said,

    Hmmm. Could work. Ping me later in the week when I am slightly less busy.

    Am assuming you’ll be at CDC’s at the weekend?

  13. natalief said,

    I left you a voicemail on your mobile and will email you but, wanna meet up mid way somewhere and play pass the gadget while I am in Rye and you are working in Dover?

  14. lproven said,

    Aye, but I’ve just discovered it’s also Brentcon this weekend, so I’ll have to be at Chris’ more briefly than I’d planned to.

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