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A superhero for the average home?

Posted in Uncategorized by Simon Bisson on July 30, 2004

got a book catalogue in the post this morning featuring a DIY book called Captain Competent and the Toolbelt of Power.

It makes a certain sense – the Romans had household gods, we get household superheroes. “Mutatis mutandis”, as the great Cato Maior probably said…


4 Responses to 'A superhero for the average home?'

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  1. brisingamen said,

    I make a prophecy … Noel receives unfeasibly large quantities of this book for Christmas.

  2. ajshepherd said,

    Are you sure that’s a book and not just a Banana Wings story about ?

  3. autopope said,

    A domestic superhero? Wouldn’t Ebichu the Love Hamster count?

  4. ffutures said,

    Anyone else remember Bicycle Repair Man?

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